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I’m Will

For the better part of my adult career I’ve been paid to study “why we REALLY do the things that we do.”  And I gotta say I love my job. I run behavioral studies for the world’s largest brands to help them deeply understand the contextual and psychological factors driving their customers’ decisions.

But even with these deeper human truths, there is often confusion about how to apply behavioral insights directly into marketing strategy and tactics. 


So I wrote a book to fix this

I’ve taken the last 10 years of our behavioral research and design work to create the Mindstate Behavioral Model.  This behavioral marketing model demystifies the human brain.  The book introduces readers to temporary moments of influence called “mindstates.” And when you understand these nonconscious mindstates, you have everything you need to psychologically prime, frame, and trigger new behaviors.

The book has done really well on Amazon, so I’m proud to now be able to add “best-selling author” to my bio! 

And I have a company that can help

We are a world-class behavioral research and design consultancy that specializes in applying behavioral science to marketing.  We’ve also been teaching behavioral research and design principles to our clients for years and can help you build your internal capabilities, too.