My favorite behavioral economics and behavior design resources

Thanks to everyone last week who gave me feedback on the cover and subtitle for my upcoming book "Marketing to Mindstates." Your feedback was brilliant. I seriously can't thank you all enough. In return for your help, I'm posting a list of my favorite behavioral economics and behavioral design resources. I hope this helps you as you continue your behavioral design journey.

Send me your favorites and I’ll update my list and repost. Enjoy.    

 Here’s the list of books I would recommend reading in order if you want to learn more about Behavioral Science/ Behavioral Econ/Behavioral Design. 

1)   Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely

2)   Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein

3)   Focus by E Tory Higgins. This is a good book to understand Regulatory Fit Theory (a.k.a. Promotion vs. Prevention Regulatory Focus).

4)   The Science of Why – David Forbes. It’s a good book on basic motivational theory.

5)   Read a CliffsNotes version of Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman. This is the System 1&2 framework.

6)   The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioural Biases That Influence What We Buy by Richard Shotton

7)   Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.

8)   Copy, Copy, Copy OR Herd by Mark Earls

9)   Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter. This book still blows my mind.

10)  Incognito by David Eagleman

11)  The Construction of Preference – edited by Sarah Lichtenstein and Paul Slovic

12)  The Behavioral Economics Guide - by Alain Samson (its free Online and updated yearly)

And if you’re into the application of BeSci into marketing…

13)  How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp. It’s clear that every marketer should read this.

14)  The Business of Choice by Matthew Willcox – the guy is just smart and gets behavioral design marketing.

15)  Change Ahead by Carola Vershoor. It’s a great book to transition into Behavioral Design.

16)  Nudge Marketing by Eric Singler. Eric is a passionate evangelist in the Behavioral Economics space.

17)  Webs of Influence by Nathalie Nahai - She’s forgotten more about Behavioral Design than I’ll ever learn.

Here are the sites I check out:

·  Scientific American Mind:

·  Science of Us:

·  Neuroskeptic:

·  Discover Magazine:

·  ScienceDaily:

·  Final Mile:

·  Sentient Decision Science:

Here are some blogs that I particularly like

·  In-Decision Blog

·  Mindhacks

·  Brainjuicer/System 1 Blog

·  Ideas42 blog

· FinalMile Blog

· Sentient Decision Science Blog

And if you’re into Podcasts….

· Behavioral Grooves by Kurt Nelson, PhD and Tim Houlihan

· The Brainfluence podcast by Roger Dooley

·  Hidden Brain by NPR

·  Freakonomics Radio

·  Persuasion Show from Pete Godfrey

Here are some conferences that I try to attend each year:  

·  Any IIeX Conference: Go to these if you want to see the most innovative researchers in the business.

· IIeX Behavior: Go here if you want to see the most innovative behavioral research and design firms.

· Behavioral Marketing Summit: led by the great Om Marwah. You’ll leave feeling satisfied…believe me.

· Habit Summit: Nir Eyal does a great job at bringing in speakers, but it is very focused on Silicon Valley.