Marketing To Mindstates

Most marketing is sub-optimal because it lacks focus on driving true behavioral change.  To deliver sustainable business growth, marketers must focus on the one thing that drives it – changing consumer behaviors. Thankfully, the last decade has been a golden age for understanding and designing for lasting behavioral change through the process of Behavioral Design.  And, thanks to this book, it is now practical and usable for everyone.

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A Practical Guide

In Marketing to Mindstates, Will Leach, founder of TriggerPoint, a leading behavioral research and design consultancy, demystifies the process of how to apply behavioral psychology and behavioral economics to influence people’s “mindstates.” Using his Mindstate Behavioral Model™, he shows you how to create behaviorally-optimized messaging designed to influence consumer behavior and generate real business results.

With this book, researchers and marketers will finally have a practical guide to creating behaviorally designed marketing that psychologically breaks through your customers’ non-conscious to drive new behaviors and top-line growth.


With this book you will learn

  • The importance of messaging to your customers’ temporary, System 1 “mindstate” to drive real emotional engagement with your brand. 

  • How to identify and influence the four key “behavioral factors” driving psychological consideration and choice for your brand.

  • Specific components of the Mindstate Behavioral Model™ and exactly how you can use it to identify the specific “mindstate” your customers are under when making decisions in your category. 

  • How to use Behavioral Activation Briefs™ to build a robust behavioral design strategy and specific activation tactics for your brand.  

And since this is a practical guide to behavioral design, I’m not hiding anything.  I will show you specifically how we do our research and directly apply the findings directly into marketing through Behavioral Activation Briefs™ to develop behaviorally-designed creative that drives significant top-line growth.

For the first time, decades of behavioral and psychological decision-making theories are illuminated and come to life in a practical, approachable application guide.

You will finish this book completely re-thinking your research, marketing and go-to-market approaches.
— Pam Forbus, SVP Consumer Experience, The Walt Disney Studios
The book is full of fascinating examples, clear ideas for implementation and, yes, passion for the subject matter. Every marketer and researcher should have this on their bedside table.
— Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner at Cambiar Consulting
He’s taken what could be a complex topic, and really simplified it, into an easy to read and understandable format.

Additionally, he gives great examples of how you can apply his process to your own brands that are very actionable.

Definitely worth the read.
— Regan Ebert, SVP of Marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple Group